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Volunteer with FUTURE WITHOUT BORDERStoday to help people, support philanthropic causes and provide assistance to local communities. Volunteering with FWB can benefit everyone and is a terrific way to have a positive impact on individuals and the communities. You should be willing to offer your time to perform several tasks for the benefit of the community and in return you are giving back, building yourself-esteem and gaining valuable work experience.

Why Volunteering With Us?

It is a great decision you have made by deciding to volunteer or do an internship with us. Here are some skills that you will acquire during your volunteering with FUTURE WITHOUT BORDERS ‘‘FWB” that will help you get a job and be successful in that position.


During your volunteering with us, you will be assigned with projects that will start and end at a defined time frame. Your full participation and commitment will be required and you will realize that if you are not there at the beginning, you are letting your entire team down. You will equally experience same thing in the workplace, with even more at stake. At the end of the volunteering you will learn to be punctual at workplace that will make you to be more efficient.

– Ability to work with a variety of managers

You come to realizethat some Team Leaders ran projects a little differently than others and this might have been that they had different management styles. You will learn to adjust and make yourself more comfortable working with a variety of management styles during volunteering with us.

– Time Management

You will learn time management skills during volunteering with us, because your Team Leader will instructs you to sensitize and assisted the people when they need help, make evaluations and prepare a report within a specified timeframe. In such a case you will learn how to prioritize and figure out the best way to accomplish those tasks within the project time. Most often you will face situation like this during volunteering with us which will enable you work more efficiently and give a positive outcome within a short timeframe.

– Leadership

You will learn some leadership skills during volunteering with us as you will be assigned to lead a group of youths on a project, listening to them, make decision from the information obtain and showing them how to do certain part of the task assigned to the team. You will be directed on how to interact and lead in situations that you need to work as team with other volunteers.

– Communication skills

Youwill improve your communication skills during volunteering as you will be assigned to work and comfortably interact with children and people of different ages. You will be required to actively listening to them, paying close attention to who you are communicating with by engaging with them, asking questions and rephrasing.

– Professionalism

When you serve as a volunteer, you represent FWB to the community, as such requiring you to be professional and courteous. You will learn to be more competence and knowledgeable, you will be required to be more conscientious and have integrity, respect, emotional intelligence and confidence. You will be assigned with tasks through which you will have the opportunity to strengthen each of these attributes, and thus, you can become confident to act professionally wherever you find yourself working henceforth.

– Teamwork

Every FUTURE WITHOUT BORDERS project involves working as a team in some size, therefore after some few FWB project, you would have developed your skills in working with all kinds of teams.

– Ability to work with people different from you

Most FWB projects are done through sensitization campaigns in which many people from different part of the country working together as a team who are different from you are involved. So you will learn the skills to work with different people from another part of town with different interests.

– Work Ethic

You will learn to be decorous and adhere to work ethics, follow rules and regulations and be professional when working on a project or interacting with others.

– Confidence

You will move out of your comfort zone when a difficult task is given to you and this might be very scary at first time, but in the process you became more confident and more productive.

– Public relations

By volunteering with us you will be given the opportunity to relate with other FWB staffs, other volunteers and the public or even your friends. You will be assigned with tasks that will require you to represent FWB as a public relations expert for us.

– Teach-ability

You will learn new teach-ability skillson FWB projects— like communicating effectively, resolving conflicts, understanding and managing emotions. FWB will probably enable you acquire this skill which is very important in the workforce.

– Organization

Being organize in work place is a skill that worker must have. All kinds of FWB projects involve organizing.You will learn how to be organized while carrying tasks at the various stages taken each step at a time.

– Following Instructions

At the beginning of a project, Your Team Leader and the organization contacts will give you instructions on your responsibilities to carry out a project. Staying on track and following their guidance is an important thing to learn.

– Flexibility

During your volunteering with us you will realize that not everything goes according to plan on all FWB projects. So you need to adapt and be prepared for whatever might come your way on any given project.

– Problem-Solving

Sometimes it seems like there is no way you will be able to accomplish a project from start to finish. During volunteering FWB will teach you how to tackle aproject and before you know it, you are done.

– Planning

Not only did you have to plan ahead when you signed up for your FWB project during volunteering. We will teach you how to plan your tasks ahead of time to ensure that the entire project is successful.

– Creativity

Most FWB projects offer all kinds of ways to think creatively, you will have the opportunity to work in a creative and organized manner during your volunteering with us.

– Training

FWB organized projects that will enable you to engage in training activities where you will be taught on how to carry certain aspects of a project, just like you might one day train other employees.

Get started today!

If you have not had the opportunity to serve on a volunteer/internship, we invite you to get involved with us today