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I declare that to the best of my knowledge and understanding I have read and understand all the information in your organization.· I also do understand that I will work under the guidance, supervision and control of FUTURE WITHOUT BORDERS during my voluntary service with them.· I understand that all expenses and all insurances are entirely my own responsibility during my volunteering with FUTURE WITHOUTBORDERS, and that FWB shall not be held responsible for any loss in this matter.· I understand that I will work as an unpaid volunteer and I will cover all expenses myself.


FUTURE WITHOUT BORDERS assures all the volunteers that their personal information are always kept discreet and confidential as much as possible and will be used only for purpose of processing their application. If for some reasons, your application is not approve, all your information will be completely deleted from our database.

Create a volunteer online form that will be sent to our mail box once an application is made online by following the sample link:


Area of Focus (Choose Your Project) to be place on the ‘’ Apply as a Volunteering/intern’’ form.



Child Sponsorship and protection

Sexual Reproductive Health Awareness

Menstrual Hygiene Awareness

GBV and Girl’s Rights

Women And Youths empowerment

Child and adult Education (teaching and counseling)


WASH (Hygiene and Sanitation) in schools and communities

Modern Farming Technics Training

Rural Communities Empowerment

Disabilities empowerment

Environmental Protection Awareness

Tree Planting and conservation

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