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Clean drinking water is essential to life, safe and readily available water is important for public health, whether it is used for drinking, domestic use, food production or recreational purposes. Improved water supply and sanitation, and better management of water resources, can boost countries’ economic growth and can contribute greatly to poverty reduction. FUTURE WITHOUT BORDERS is focused on providing reliable, ongoing water and sanitation service and support to schools and communities who suffer needlessly from lack of access to clean water and proper sanitation.

Toilets are vital components in creating sustainable, accessible, inclusive communities and cities. Proper sanitation facilities (for example, toilets and latrines) promote health because they allow people to dispose of their waste appropriately. Without proper sanitation facilities, waste from infected individuals can contaminate a community’s land and water, increasing the risk of infection for other individuals. FUTURE WITHOUT BORDERS is focused in providing clean toilets/latrines and sanitation services to schools and communities who suffered diseases as result of poor waste disposal and dirty toilets.

Support FUTURE WITHOUT BORDERS achieve these goals thereby saving the world.