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Corporate Governance

OurOrganization have put in place a good governing structure for the effective functioning, management, growth and sustainability of the organization, it strictly adhere and comply with all issues of accountability, transparency, responsibility, disclosure practices and organizational relationships among the board and stakeholders.


Policies and accountability

We have ensured that accountability of the leadership (board) are put in our policies and have it operational thereby ensuring good governance by the organization. All the functional systems are in place for grievances redressal, attending to every issue and ensure that actions that are taken thereafter are periodically analysed and informed to all. The board always response fast to address organizational matters and play active role in organizational planning, financial planning, engagement with the larger society, and involve in the constant learning process of the organization as per monitoring and evaluation of all efforts of the organization.


We ensure transparency by allowing regular audits and scrutiny by internal and external auditors as it is inscribed in our policies. These audits can include multiple aspects, like programme audit, financial audit,etc, to give a clear picture of the organizational health, and thus leads to the right direction.

Annual reports/ newsletters/ websites:

As a measure of good governance, we always ensure that all our stakeholders are much more aware of the organizational plans, activities, history and achievements. Apart from these, we also disclose financial information, board details in the annual reports, newsletter, on websiteand other social media platforms as well.

Risk Management

We always implement risk management policy to ensure that we are able to carry our corporate activities. Risk management enables us to enlarge our financial growth opportunities and enables us to achieve our objectives with full support of our sponsors, partners, the government and other stakeholders.