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Some of your Questions:

We have put together a list of some of the more common questions we can be asked, if you would like to find out more please contact us.

This is really up to you. Consider how much time you have to devote, the days you will be available and how long you will be able to volunteer, this is because many volunteer positions only run for certain times You can find volunteering opportunities that only take one hour per month, two to five days a week – or more. Some roles are for one-off events, some are short term and others might need month(s) or longer. You can volunteer at any time of the week, day. While a lot of volunteering takes place during office hours, you can volunteer at evenings and weekends too, again depending on what you want to do. Sometimes we ask for a particular commitment from our volunteers while other times we take a more flexible approach. Certain roles like befriending require building up trust with someone, which is why a certain amount of commitment is required. Think carefully about the amount of commitment you are able to give before choosing to apply for a role.

You are under no obligation to keep volunteering in our organization if you change your mind or do not like the role given to you. But if you are unhappy it is always worth talking to our management staff(s) responsible for you to see if anything can be done to enable you improve your time as a volunteer. If you feel that something is seriously wrong, or someone is treating you badly, you can make a complaint to our managing board for immediately action.If you simply do not enjoy your position and want to try something else, you just should kindly contact our managing board and re-apply for a change of role.

We do reimburseout of pocket expenses such as travel or meals, usually within set limits. Sometimes we also provide clothing or childcare costs, but this is the exceptional. You are advisedto find out what expenses we pay-off before you start volunteering.

Volunteering with us will not affect your benefits so long as you are able to meet the conditions for receiving those benefits, for example, you need to be free to attend job interviews and obviously if you have a condition that prevents you from doing some of our paid work, in most cases, you will not be able to do this on a voluntary basis either. However volunteering is viewed as helpful in gaining paid employment and is also therapeutic when recovering from an illness or managing a long term condition.

Not usually. But before coming to volunteer with FUTURE WITHOUT BORDERS you must be at least 18 years of age and will need to determine if you have any limitations before applying to volunteer with us. No academic or professional qualification is required.

However, some of our volunteering opportunities require qualifications such as teaching and counselling and some need particular skills and experience but we sometimes provide whatever training is necessary. If particular qualifications are needed this will be stated. Often we look for personal skills, such as being able to get on with a wide variety of people, being reliable and being enthusiastic about a particular interest or cause – rather than academic qualifications.

We sometimes offer volunteers qualifications such as Benefits training, Child Education and Protection, Safeguarding Adults, community hygiene and sanitation, environmental protection, modern farming technics training, HIV/AIDS, Sickle Cell, Hepatitis, Girls right, Youths empowerment, Reproductive health and menstrual hygiene sensitization, Mentoring and Befriending etc, if this is relevant to a role. You will also gain valuable experience, develop your skills and be able to ask our organization for a reference. We also present Certificates of Recognition to volunteers.

We sometimes offer hands on training to prepare volunteers for a role. How much training you need will depend on the role you took and the level of skills you already had. Duration of training varies and for some support roles you will have to complete training as part of the recruitment process.

Volunteering from home is an increasingly popular way of volunteering, but unfortunately we do not offer volunteering from home as most of our activities requires moving and traveling to communities and have direct contact with the people and communities.

There are no age limits for volunteering generally but we have set age restrictions that reflect the level of responsibility or experience needed (18 Years and above).

Some opportunities are suitable for group volunteering, for example, community lead initiatives, tree planting, sensitization campaigns etc, but this need to be organized and properly supervised. You will find information about upcoming opportunities on our website or like our social medial page to be kept informed. You can also volunteer with family or friends for fundraising events and collections.

If you have a criminal record you can still volunteer but there are some limitations. Depending on the nature of your criminal record, you may not be able to take up some volunteering roles but a variety of others would still be open to you. Feel free to discuss your optionswith us.

If you feel you need additional support in finding a suitable volunteer placement you should contact us and arrange to have a chat with our support staffs about the best options for you.

If we have not covered your question please contact us and we will be happy to help.



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