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Woman and Youths Empowerment

Women play vital roles in economic growth, they act as catalyst to development by contributing to the overall workforce, improve child survival and overall family health, reduces fertility, thus helping to slow population growth rates. In short, investing in women is central to sustainable development.

Youth empowerment is a process where children and young people are encouraged to take charge of their lives. Young people are the backbone of a society, their participation in all aspects of society is very important. Therefore, empowering, strengthening and including young people in the work environment will reduce unemployment, crimes, drugs abuse, etc. This will lead to a better society, a better country, a better world.

JoinFUTURE WITHOUT BORDERS today to empowering Young girls and Youths, by providing them with, vocational training skills, loan to startup a small business (Entrepreneurship), quality Education, Job Creation,thus, making the world a better place.